Hand-held Meteorological Station

The instrument has very small dimensions. To the illuminated digital display the user can see graphs of the measurements. It has real time clock with date and time indication and some of the models have also compass.

It measures the following parameters (depending on the model): Wind Speed and Direction, Air Temperature – Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Altitude, etc. Some of the models have also internal memory and PC software for the downloading and epresentation of the measurements.

Portable digital Lux meters

Total Solar Radiation portable digital

UV and PAR portable digital meters

Portable digital meters for measuring of Wind Speed with thermo-wire

Autonomous digital and analogue RainRecorders

Simple Rain Gauges (Volumetric)

Temperature – Humidity Recorders with Drum

Portable digital and analogue Barometers

Barographs with Drum

Thermometers minimum / maximum, digital and analogue

Autonomous – automatic Evaporation
meters Simple analogue Psychrometers Portable systems for measuring and logging of the climatic conditions profile supported by software

Portable IR Thermometers