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The instruments we offer belongs to the next generation of multi-parameter water quality probes. The instruments help to streamline calibration tasks and draw valid, scientifically sound conclusions. The user has the opportunity to measure different parameters related to water quality and each sensor represents one or more different water quality parameters. Measuring of pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, salinity and much more with just one device. The device can be configured according to user needs and the user can choose whether the probe will be used as a stationary or portable system.

Some of the main advantages of this type of tools are:

• The self-monitoring system reports the status of the tool, marks the data and shows the user where the problem is

• User-specified calibration and maintenance intervals

• Calibration results are stored with date and time, calibration type, user identification and user notes

• The calibration check process allows the user to check the calibration and store the results

• Calibration reports contain information on previous calibrations and calibration checks

• The status of the sensor is saved with each row of data and is contained in the log file

• Dedicated communication modules allow easy integration with data loggers and telemetry systems

• Most instruments have IP67 or IP 68


• Measuring of the most important water quality parameters

• Measuring in freshwater: rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater

• Salt or saltwater bays, coastal areas


Smart sensor options:

• Conductivity / temperature

• Dissolved oxygen

• fDOM

• ISE (ammonium, chloride and nitrate)

• pH

• pH & ORP

• Rhodamine

• Total algae (Chlorophyll + Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin)

• Turbidity


Other available parameters:

• Absolute pressure

• Ammonia

• Depth

• DO% Local

• Gas pressure

• Conductivity of nLF


• Resistivity

• Salinity

• Specific conductivity

• Total dissolved solids (T.D.S.)

• Total suspended solids (T.S.S.)

• Water density