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Our company has installed and supported hundreds systems of meteorological stations, in every area of Greece and also in neighbour countries, as Bulgaria, Albania, Skopje, etc. The most of the systems are based on high accuracy digital data loggers, where the measurements from the sensors are stored. According to the way of transferring the data, the
stations are categorized to telemetric (where the data transferring to the PC is made without the presence of the user to the installation place of the station) andnon telemetric (the user visits the installation place of the station and downloads the measurements to a portable PC or
to another digital device).

Regarding the category of telemetric stations, our company
has installed with complete success any kind of wired or wireless connection, such as:
• Via mobile telephony data lines (GPRS
• Via wireless UHF or VHF systems.

Our company has installed decades of station networks. These networks are supported by high technology special software for their automatic management. All the networks are ready to accept more meteorological stations. Our company designs and constructs meteorological stations according to the needs of each application. The 25 years of our experience guarantees that the final result of the stations provides high accuracy and reliable measurements, while the prices are in low levels.