Patent Dipl. No. 1003879 A. Panoras – D. Kouvas

The recording infiltrometer is a long time researching product in combination with high technology. The design of the device allows the measuring of the filtration efficiency with high accuracy and without the errors that are imported by the other instruments.

Specifically the measuring of the soil filtration efficiency with the common existed instruments requires the presence of an observer for many hours to the measuring field, where under difficult conditions every specific intervals of some minutes, the observer records the level measurements and as a result to be imported errors to the reading and to the recording. Basic principle of the soil filtration efficiency measuring is the stability of a standard water level into the filtration cylinder. With the already existed instruments, it is practically impossible to the water level to be stable and this causes a very high error to the accuracy. Also it is very important that to this method the measurements should be processed mathematically in order to have the soil filtration efficiency graphically or in mathematic equation.

The new transfers of the measurements andtheir process are extra causes for errors. For the implementation of a measurement of soil filtration efficiency with the already existed instruments, it is required the presence of two users for 2-3 hours on the field and consequently this causes a limitation to the numbers of the measurements per day or if the number of the measurements will be increased with extra devices, then more users will be required.The Recording Infiltrometer AP-DK-1 is able to keep stability to the water level into the Filtration Cylinder, achieving stable filtration volume, which is the basic principle for a correct and accurate measuring of soil filtration efficiency. Because of this advantage, it is not required any replacement of the water into the filtration cylinder and consequently the accuracy of the measurement is not be affected. Also the presence of any observers on the field is not required.

The advantage of the automatic recording makes the measurements transfer and also their process with PC easier. After the end of the measurements, the data logger is connected to a PC for the transfer and process of the measurements.The instrument includes software, which transfers the measurements from the data logger, calculates automatically all the coefficients, provides table with all the primary and calculated measurements, creates graphs and calculates the ratio between the cumulative and instant filtration.