Our software in brief is:

-          a browser-based, fully Internet enabled,

-          data visualization, data processing and data distribution platform

-          offering customizable trends, tables, statistics,

-          alarms and events,

-          disease and irrigation models,

-          for all kinds of environmental and industrial data.

Our software is a powerful yet universal package to collect, store, process and graphically display data from different configurations of a meteorological station which includes: wind speed and direction sensor, rain gauge, leaf wetness sensor, soil moisture and soil temperature sensor, solar radiation sensor, etc. The inherent flexibility of the software makes it an ideal tool for many applications, for weather and environmental data as much as for hydrographics, for leakage detection, frost warning and pump monitoring to countless other applications. The software not only displays data graphically, but also as text and numbers in a table, informs and/or alarms the user about specific events, provides a number of tools to process the data according to the needs of the clients, creates a simple report, an advanced statistic, or even a complex expert system, such as a disease model for phytophtora in potatoes. The software is able to make weather prognosis and of course plant diseases prediction which can be used from different type of customers like hydrologist and agronomist.  For plant diseases prediction you need to have the leaf wetness sensor and by its results the software uses mathematical methods to calculate the possibility of plant disease. You are even able to monitor the albedo effect using the solar radiation sensor. 

But our software does much more: its integrated web server enables its users to get access from anywhere in the world through an internet connection - using nothing else but a common web browser. This makes our software the ideal platform for those who not only want to collect, store and visualize data for themselves, but also for others - the ideal solution for "Service-Providers".

They are countless applications for this kind of data providing. Here are just a few:

-          the grape growers association that provides its members with weather data,

-        the water distributor that provides all municipalities with their current consumption profile,

-          the national park that informs its visitors about the current meteorological conditions,


The software can manage unlimited number of stations. The software creates automatically the daily, weekly and monthly references, with automatic calculation of maximum, minimum, average, sum, etc.