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It is a complete system which is based on Windows software for easy processing of hemispherical images. The hemispherical photography method is very useful for the analysis of grassing, mainly for high and non specific shape plants, such as forests. The photo shooting is made under uniform conditions of sky canopy, with direction from the ground to the sky. For the photo shooting is used a 18 megapixels focus. The system except from the received image, use also the data from the same area, in order to create the measurements of the grassing structure.

With the combination of all the above information and a solar radiation model, the system can forecast the radiation levels at the upside and downside of the plants and also the coefficients of the direct, diffused and total radiation. Imprinting the route of the sun above the plantation and considering the size of the solar disk, the system calculates the existence of solar spots and the relative solar radiation for every calendar day.